Toastmasters Ljubljana -jesenji Maraton

On 14 October 2017, members of Beograd Toastmasters participated in TM autumn’ marathon, organized by Ljubljana Toastmasters International Club and with the motto: “Be the Change”. Marathon had started at 12:00 and lasted up to 19:00. Apart of regular sessions, participants enjoyed in three different workshops: “How to make people like you in 25 seconds” with face-to-face communication presenting themselves to each other in 25 seconds , then “ Keeping the Commitment”, “ Give me 5” and lecturer on health and well being .

During regular contest, TM Stevan Sarapa delivered inspirational speech with the topic: “Changing the world in a small portion“ and ACS Sanja Dodić presented humorous speech “ Look at me twice before you judge me”. TM Stevan Sarapa also challenged in a Table topics contest, whilst TM Olga Cvetanović was one of the judges for prepared speeches.

Additionally, just before table topic session there was dancing/fitness part so we gained new energy.
On the panel there were envelopes for each contestant where he/she received feedback from others participants (good points and points that needs improvment).
This visit brought additional award to the Beograd Toastmasters as ACB Sanja Dodić was awarded with the 1st place for Contest in Evaluation of prepared speech.
This unique experience will be shared during upcoming meetings so please join us and listen stories from Stevan, Olga, Sanja and Ivana.