Fellow Toastmasters,

Since 15 May 2018, TM International has lunched the new TM educational program named Pathways.

Mainly, two traditional programs, i.e. Communication and Leadership manuals, have been merged into Pathways program. Earlier, member was completing ten projects, before she/he reached certain award, what caused delay in achieving Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) award. Now, Pathways allows faster level completion and award system encourages people to continue with their educational programs. You can receive an award after only 4 speech projects.

Members may continue with the traditional education program and reach particular level within traditional criteria, and, at the same time to start with new Pathways projects. However, traditional program speeches, including Icebreaker speech, are not recognized within Pathways, but members may rearrange previous speeches and adjust the speech to the new objective and purpose.

Pathways offers ten paths: Dynamic leadership, Effective Coaching, Innovative Planning, Leadership Development, Motivational Strategies, Persuasive Influence, Presentation Mastery, Strategic Relationships, Team Collaboration and Visionary Communication. Level one (1) projects are identical to all paths and, after choosing one path, member is allowed to change the path only one time per year, within 30 days of selecting it.

For the purpose of better understanding the new system, TM International has provided individual Pathways coach for each TM Club. Beograd Toastmasters has started attending 15 of those sessions, and is grateful to the TM John Todorovich for his patience and devoted time, to introduce Pathways to our members on the most effective way.

Please come and join us to this new journey!!!