Toastmasters Spring Maraton

On 20 March, we got refreshment and kind of a “wake up” by an impressive on-line international contest in public speaking organized by Toastmasters Clubs in Slovenia, i.e. Toastmasters Business Club Slovenia and Govorništvo – Toastmasters Ljubljana.

During this marathon, the keynote speaker Lerio Cuhcha, from Lisbon/Mozambique/Berlin, through interactive sessions explained why asking for something is hard. We learned that first, we should clarify to ourselves, for which reasons we are going to ask something. Then, we should know to whom to ask and when is the best time.

Music, dancing and interactive sessions put us closer to each other and have proved the joyful spirit of toastmasters.

The contestants delivered excellent speeches, applying all techniques needed for public speaking. However, only three could be selected… The winner of this marathon was Mohamed Alazzani from Saudi Arabia, the second place went to Dženita Bečić from Sarajevo Toastmasters Club and the third place was awarded to our member, Sanja Dodić.

We are grateful to TM Slovenia for giving us the opportunity to continue with this type of learning and would like to praise them for excellent organization! Congratulations to all winners and participants! Well done!