Toastmasters Meeting With President Peck

On 8 May Beograd Toastmasters was honored to welcome Richard E. Peck, the Toastmasters International President at his World Tour!

At the opening remarks our president Ms Cica Stanić, had welcomed participants in the Serbian, traditional way, making toast by raising a national hand-made bottle named „čutura“ (pronounced as chutura).

The theme of the Day was: Freedom & Free will, and thus the Table Topic Sessions included four questions related to various freedoms: freedom to choose our own hairstyle or dressing style, liberty to express dissatisfaction at work, then, despite free will -reasons for making bad decisions, and last one: love- as the only practice of freedom.

During the second part of the meeting, Mr. Peck took several roles:

  • he was an evaluator of TM Lazar Bulatović’ speech ( Presentation mastery’ Pathways, Level 3, Title: Enjoy with the attention!)
  • he evaluated TM Cica Stanić who was an evaluator of our 2nd speaker, TM Branka Ćopić ( Humorous speech, Ice Breaker Speech, title: Painting my humorous portrait)
  • and he delivered his own speech: Pathways Presentation Mastery, Level 3, Using Descriptive Language, Speech Title: Can you see it?

At the end, participants had exchanged some thoughts and questions with the president and received valuable feedback from him.

We are very grateful to other fellow Toastmasters who had joined us and contributed to making this meeting productive and cheerful.

We trust that this visit will encourage other fellows to open more Toastmasters Clubs in Serbia!