Branka Ćopić - president TMB
  • Human design analyst, Human design system
  • Art Historian, Faculty of Philosophy (Belgrade University)
  • TM Beograd co-founder, Competent Comunicator
  • TMB member since 2014
  • VP Public Relations from 10/2016-9/2018
  • TMB President from 4/2019

The last two decades she has been searching for answers, and attending much training in the field of energy development and spiritual quest. For more information, please visit
Life philosophy: Consciousness is all that matters, and it stems from emotions. We will better understand each other when we laugh together.

Darko Vlajkovic - Vice President Education TMB
  • Team coordinator for sales repoting, Hemofarm AD
  • Bachelor in Economics, Faculty of economics (Belgrade University)
  • TMB member since 2019
  • Vice president for membership from April to June 2019
  • Vice President Education from June 2019

Works in controlling department in Hemofarm.
Has controlling certificates from german, austrian and american institutions.
Member of multiple business controlling associations.

Practiced tennis, basketball, ice skating, american football, Krav Maga, dance.
Big Red Star fan.
Sports idol is Micheal Jordan.

Interested in public speaking since very young age by imagining audiance in front of the mirror.
Works as a mentor in Jaki Mladi organisation.
His idols are Craig Valentine who was a public speaking champion and Jordan Belfort as a Wolf from Wall Street.

Julijana Stankovic - secretary TMB
  • Lawyer, Agency for International Development
  • TM Beograd member since March 2019.
  • Secretary from April 2019.

She has joined the club with the desire to improve her communication skills and to develop public speaking ability.
Since 1992, she has worked in various humanitarian and governmental organizations. With the International Committee of the Red Cross from Geneva, Julijana worked as an officer on merging families and in the Search Unite for Missing Persons in the war-torn areas of the former Yugoslavia. She was also engaged  with the issues concerning refugees and displaced persons s within the UNHCR office in Belgrade. Her biography also includes activities with humanitarian missions in Rwanda, Iraq and Afghanistan.
She is fluent in French and English.
Hobbies: traveling and going to the theater.
Life motto: Humanity in action!

Cica Stanić - treasurer TMB
  • MA, English Teacher and Interpreter, Faculty of Philology, (Belgrade University)
    Master thesis: Humanistic approach to teaching
  • Teacher of Accordeon, Founder of the private language school with holistic approach to teaching Studio Pčelica D Pančevo
  • TM Beograd co-founder; CC
  • TM member since 2005
  • Secretary 10/2013-03/2015
  • VP Education 03/2015-03/2016
  • Secretary from 10/2016
  • Treasurer from 6/2018

In 2013, together with a friend and colleague Ms Sanja Dodić, she decided to open the first TM Club in Serbia. Their initiative was enthusiastically supported by friends and members of other TMI Clubs. Through the English teaching program she helps her students, both children and adults to develop their listening and speaking skills in order to improve themselves and their self-confidence. She always uses music in teaching, and organizes extra-classes with children outside the classroom, e.g. doing ecology and other projects, mountain hiking and being closer to nature. As a member of the Educational group, Association for systemic therapy and systemic solutions Serbia, Order of Love, and through her work she gives her own contribution to promoting healthy life and cherishing a healthy family but, first of all, personal development of an individual.

Sanja Dodić - sergent at arms TMB
  • MSCi, Master of International Relations (Belgrade University)
  • TMB co-founder; ACS, ALS
  • TM member since 2004
  • TMB President 10/2013-03/2016
  • Treasurer since 06/2016-05/2018
  • Sargeant at Arms since 06/2018

In 2013 my friend and colleague Ms Cica Stanić and I decided to open the first TM Club in Serbia. The initiative was enthusiastically supported by friends, perspective members and members of other TMI Clubs. Nowadays, TMB is fully operational. She plans to provide help for opening of new TM Clubs in Serbia.

I am still a member of the Club because I belive that, nice and concise talk is the key to success in both, private and business life. And here, with the TM, it is easy to practice.

Olga Cvetanović
  • PHD, Research fellow, Economic Faculty (Belgrade University)
  • TM Beograd: SS
  • TMB member since 2015
  • VP Education from 3/2016-6/2017

During her rich scientific and professional career she has published a dozen of books and proceedings of papers, in the country and abroad, on economic development and transport as well as the methodology of investment decision making, transport policy and external costs, environment protection etc. She has been the Quality and Business excellence Auditor for over 20 years.

She worked in the Transport institute-CIP and at the Faculty of Economics, Finance and Administration, University Singidunum. Presently she deals with the quality of life in terms of health and nutrition as a Consultant of the company Vision International People Group.
As a curious person, and being her whole life engaged in doing various sports exercises and interesting things, she joined the TM club wishing to improve herself and progress in various aspects of life, together with her colleagues Toastmasters.

Stevan Sarapa
  • Project Manager / Civil Engineering consultant
  • Member of Toastmasters club Belgrade since 2016
  • Vice President Education from 2017 to June 2019
  • Certified Project Manager Professional (PMP) and Scrum Master (SCM), member of PM Institute and Scrum Alliance
  • Mediator, member of national association of mediators (NUMS)

Since June 2017, he was privileged to be Vice President Education. This is a great opportunity for him to learn and apply communication, organization and leadership skills. He is inspired and motivated by club growing and progressing. He serves Toastmasters club through supporting and encouraging guests and new members to take part in the weekly meetings. He also helps steering committee members reach consensus. He presents club, its mission and goals as well as Toastmasters education program.
He took part in the Toastmasters marathon in 2017 in Ljubljana (Slovenia) and speech contest in 2016 in Belgrade.
In his career, working on several project at the same time, undertaking difficult tasks and serving the team, Stevan understood how important the communication is in business. Gathering and developing knowledge and skills through on job learning, additional competencies he practices through the Toastmasters program. Besides public speaking, Stevan is active member of Project Management Institute ( and certified project manager in traditional (PMP) and agile (Scrum Master) project management framework. He holds project management workshops for certification and is involved in project management conference (PSC 2018). He also attended mediation basic training and he is member of national association of mediators (NUMS).

Milan Ristić
  • Engineer of Information Technology – The best student of his generation
  • Member of Mensa International
  • Vice President Membership in TM Belgrade 11.2018. – 03.2019.
  • Vice President Public Relations in TM Belgrade 07.2019. – 09.2019.
  • “Smile Instructor”

Milan is a person who loves people and loves life. He see life as a game in which everyone can accomplish his craziest dreams and is endeavoring to achieve his . He’s inclined toward those who are stuck in this “game”, without a certain direction – just like he has been for many years. He would love to inspire them and help them live a life they really can through coaching or some other kind of guidance. In the beginning, his specialty was how to be happy, hence “Smile Instructor”. Later, his sphere of interest (and expertise) expanded to removing the obstacles that hinder us on our life course, as well as to the withdrawal from the addictions of the digital age.

Nemanja Grujic
  • Barchelor of Arts
  • Freelance graphic designer
  • Vice President Public Relations in TM Belgrade 03.2019. – 06.2019.
  • TMB member since 2014

Member of Toastmasters Belgrade since October 2015.

He is graphic designer specialized in print design.

His favorite hobbies are travel, sailing and speaking

Former members

  • Electrical Engineer, Faculty of Electrical Engineering (Belgrade University)
  • TM Beograd; CC
  • TM member since 2015
  • Sergeant of Arms until 9/2016
  • VP Membership from 10/2016-9/2018

He also helps people work on their health, vitality and appearance issues.
He read about the Toastmasters International for the first time in the ‘’Politika’’ magazine in 2015, and soon joined the TM Beograd. With his active participation in implementing the program and during the Club meetings he has improved his listening and speaking skills. He continues learning, working on various projects and his personal growth.

Aleksandra Mijalković
  • Graduated at the Faculty of Political Sciences in University of Belgrade
  • Member of the Forum for International Relations of the European Movement in Serbia, co-founder of the Belgrade Centre for European Integration and former scholar of the Reuters Foundation
  • Journalist of the daily newspaper “Politika”
  • Mother of a talented visual artist
  • TM member since 2014
  • VP of Public Relations from 03/2016-09/2016

She dances in “Salsa studio” and supports a variety of environmental initiatives and animal protection campaigns. After attending kick-off meeting of Beograd TM, she wrote an article on TM Program and found out that it would be interesting and useful to participate in such projects, meeting people with different backgrounds and interests, who always, inspiring the others, have something new to say.

Olivera Štrbac
  • Master’s degree in Applied Arts (mosaic) and a PhD candidate; the member of ULUPUDUS
  • High school Art history teacher
  • One of the founders of TMB, Competent Communicator
  • TM Member since 2013
  • Treasurer from 2013-02/2015
  • Secretary from 02/2015-09/2016
  • Contestant in various solo and group mosaic stone exhibitions in Serbia and abroad; won several prizes and commendations
  • The author of the mosaic classes and art colonies
  • TM helps her to reach her objective, i.e. help children improve: their skills and perseverance, discipline, to gain work habits, friendship, solidarity, to build team spirit, interpersonal relationships, etc.
Ilona Berkoben
  • Doctor of Medicine
  • Health and Wellness Coach at IHB Consulting, LLC
  • DTM (Pittsburgh)
  • Brand Ambassador Toastmasters International
  • Past Division Governor
  • One of the founders of TMB

Highly trained and experienced medical professional specializing in dermatology and family medicine. Coordinator of Serbia Red Cross providing humanitarian assistance to refugees, facilitating communications between government and relief agencies.


  • Trained medical practitioner with transferable skills
  • Advanced leadership and communication skills
  • Fluent in Serbian, Hungarian and English
  • Experienced as a medical interpreter

Health and Wellness Coach: my mission is to raise awareness and elicit change. Change your lifestyle to change your life.

Jelena Đekić
  • Graduated in Communications, Faculty of Media and Communications, Singidunum University
  • Diploma of Fashion Stylists, Instituti Callegari
  • Certified Pilates instructor, peak pilates, pilates true technique
  • One of the founders of TMB, Competent Communicator
  • TMB Member since 2013
  • VP Public Relations from 2013-2015
  • TMB President from 6/2018 – 4/2019

The fashion critic and the admirer of psychology, aesthetics and media that:

  • Strives towards an ideal balancing of life and thus, through pilates training and writings at her FB (jdj land), explains importance of proper understanding of mind/body messages.
  • Believes that by changing ourselves we could improve our lives.
  • Improves her communication and leadership skills through TM programs.
  • Barchelor of Laws, Faculty of Law (Belgrade University)
  • TM Beograd
  • TMB member since 2015
  • TMB President from 3/2016-5/2018

He lives in Belgrade. He has studied law and always loved psychology. He believes in God, the power of the Word and Holy Peace. He believes that good manners still exist, with the gentlemen waiting shyly for the ladies to whisper “It is safe.”, so they can leave from their hiding places then.

He works with the Police Academy and attending the final year of his PhD studies. He likes writing. It makes him happy. Writing is ”his mirror, his truth and cure”. With his blog ( he is trying to change our world and ourselves.