Location of the meetings?

Meetings are held at Hostel Arkabarka at Danube river, opposite od Palata Srbije (former SIV building). The exact location might be found on the map, on Contact page.

When do you meet?

Every second Saturday, except on public holidays and during summer and winter holidays. The meetings start at 17:00, so plan to arrive a bit earlier and give us time to greet you and find you the seat. Also, it’s possible to attend the meeting through Zoom application.

May a guest attend the meeting or meetings are only for the members?

You may visit us as a guest as many times as you like before signing up as a member. As a guest you may only participate in the Table Topic Session, giving answers to the questions. You may also give amendment to the question already answered by someone else. If you feel uncomfortable to participate, feel free to decline. We understand that public speaking can be intimidating and requires a lot of practice in gaining confidence prior to public speaking.

Who can become a member?

All persons who reach the age of 18; employed, students, retired, unemployed and housewives, after paying the membership fee and filling in the membership form.

How much is the membership fee?

When joining TMB for the first time, a member pays one-off $20 fee to receive monthly TMI Magazine.
The member pays $45 for six months membership fee ($7.5 per month), covering the period from April to September or from October until March. For instance, if a member joins TMB in December, then he/she pays a four-month membership fee of $30, in addition to a mandatory one-off $20 fee. Afterward, he/she pays $45 for six-month renewal fee on 01 April.

Members that decide to leave any TM Club worldwide, including TMB, can join the same or any other TM club in the world using the same personal registration number.

May the acquired skills be used in the office?

Yes. The members will learn how to present themselves in an effective and efficient way, how to present their business, work in a team but also how to accept people with different background, and making new friends all around the World.

What are the members’ rights and obligations?

A member of one Club has a right to attend any meeting of any TMI Club all around the World, and participate at those meetings as an equal member. Also, with permission given by the hosting Club, the member may compete in the Speech Contests at any TM Club. (Members of non-district Club are not allowed to compete at the TMI Convention.)

Who will help me through my first few speeches?

We all will, but at Toastmasters, we will assign a mentor for you, a more experienced member, who you will feel much more comfortable with. This person will help you to go through the initial stages successfully, and will advise you how to make your individual progress with speech assignments. Your mentor will answer any questions you may have.

What would I speak about?

Anything! You may speak on any topic, either about growing flowers, drafting the law or about swimming. The Toastmasters manuals have objectives for each project speech so your speech should respond to particular objectives. Only in your first, ice breaker speech, you will talk about yourself.

What is mentoring?

Mentors take care of other people and sincerely want to help others. Many people abandoned their jobs because their careers have not been developed in the way they wanted them to be. A mentor may be a key factor in helping people with their careers and convincing them to stay and make progress. This is particularly highlighted in Toastmasters Club. Mentors give new members possibilities how to develop their skills, pointing out a particular segment that needs improvement, and encouraging people to think independently. The Mentor of TMB is Nick Milanovich, PhD, www.speakingscience.com