TMB meetings usually last around one hour and have three main parts:


Several members deliver their speeches focusing on a specific goal described in Competent Communicator and Advanced Communicator guides. Two to three speeches per meeting are usually planned, depending on meeting and/or speech duration.

You can view speech example by clicking on the given link


A selected TM member evaluates leadership roles and goals in prepared speeches, in accordance with defined evaluation criteria. Also, other members can present their written comments to speakers and/or another leadership roles evaluators.

You can view example of evaluation by clicking on the given link


This part of the meeting gives a speaking opportunity to members who were not assigned a speaking role during the meeting. Namely, Table Topic Master (TTM) present them with written impromptu questions on non-specialised topics, making them think fast and produce appropriate answers. Guests can participate in this part of the meeting.

You can view example of table topic by clicking on the given link